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So George Osborne said that Theresa May is a ‘dead woman walking’. Well, if George Osborne did not have an axe to grind I would have taken him more seriously but let’s move on. Should Theresa May resign? Honestly, I do not know the right answer to that question but if I were in her position that is exactly what I would do but perhaps she knows something I don’t. 

I truly believe that Theresa May would have made Brexit successful but she went to the country to strengthen her hand in the negotiations but on the contrary, her hand was weakened not because the electorate did not want a “hard Brexit”(also known as Brexit) but because Brexit took a holiday during the election campaign and all we heard about was u-turns and social care. Nonetheless, she did not achieve the aim of calling the election and therefore, this is the perfect time to do a David Cameron and bow out, even from political life and make this mess someone else’s problem. In 2 months or so, the naysayers would have found someone else to bash and she can enjoy her life in peace and quiet. The country has actually handed her a golden opportunity because as divided as the country is at this point in time, no matter the outcome of Brexit negotiations, it would be viewed in a negative light by many and Theresa May can relax knowing that it’s not her problem anymore. 

Let’s face it, in the current situation Brexit is dead in the water and will end up being discarded into the growing pile of historical referendums that were never followed through (ask Western Australians, Greeks etc). I don’t envy whoever would be burdened with going through the theatrics towards the inevitable outcome but if I were PM, I would extricate myself at this golden opportunity.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.


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