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The 52/48 debate; what does democracy mean to you?

So, once again brexit is back on the news and negotiations are underway. Now, I have followed the brexit topic very closely from the days of the referendum campaign until present. I voted Remain in the referendum and it was a tough choice because I thought the leave campaign altogether carried out a better campaign than the remain campaign but more on this later. So, the outcome of the referendum was not my preferred one but because I place a great value in a democratic society I have to get behind the result of the referendum and support my country in any way I can, regardless of my opinion of any politician, to make a success of itself in this critical moment. 

Some say that the referendum result was perhaps too close to call. Well, for those that like to pretend that the leave majority did not matter, I would say this: if every one more person who voted leave than remain gave you £1 you would be a millionaire…think on that. Democracy does not necessarily mean that the wish of everyone in the society be carried out but the efficacy of democracy is that it is a system that trusts the majority of the participating population to decide the best course of action for that population, no matter how narrow that majority is. Any system that tries to enforce everyone’s wish is doomed to fail as it cannot move in any particular direction. 

I love my country and I do not want to see it fail and it often grieves my soul to hear fellow compatriots whose desire to say “I told you so” or hatred for particular politicians or political party trumps their desire to see their country succeed. At the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, the outcome of the negotiations is going to affect you and/or your children one way or the other. So, let’s give our government the support they need in this process.

I was never a fan of Theresa May when she was Home Secretary but as Prime minister she won my respect for respecting the country’s decision even though she had wanted the outcome to be different. She has her shortcomings like everyone else. Her job is not easy and despite the negative media and opposition spins, I believe she is doing her utmost to be a good PM. I am truly surprised that she has not resigned in the midst of all the negativity and for that I respect her for her resilience and patriotism. If she is able to ride out this storm, she would do very well.

Well, each of us need to ask ourselves what kind of Britain we want for ourselves and future generations. It is not for the EU to tell us what sort of nation we must be. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but it is what you tell yourself and your self determination that really counts. If your school teacher, for instance, tells you that you will be a failure, it is up to you to give up and accept that opinion and fail or make a determination to do what you must to prove that teacher wrong. The EU have said that brexit cannot be a success but it is what we are saying and our determination that would truly count in the coming years. Unfortunately, many are still agreeing with the EU and everything they say. But alas! Only ourselves can destroy ourselves. You cannot go into a negotiation selling yourself short from the start. You put your best foot forward, you play to your strengths and not your weaknesses and aim to get the best for yourself. We must also do this with the EU negotiations. 

It is up to us as a nation.

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